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Upon This Rock

Capital Campaign

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Meet This Challenge

What We Aim to Accomplish

Over the past several years significant wear to the church exterior has been causing damage to the structural integrity of the building. Other needs of maintenance, Improvements and ministry opportunities have also been identified. ​

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What this Challenge Will Bring

Our Goals

  • The original roof has deteriorated and created leaks that caused interior damage (COMPLETED)

  • An urgent need in our community for a good quality Daycare Program (NOW OPEN)

  • Creating a warm and welcoming gathering space when people enter our church and for other activities (COMPLETED)

  • The parking lot surface and drainage issues (IN PLANNING STAGES)

  • The organ is aging and needs repair

  • The heating system is nearing the end of its expected lifespan (DEEMED UNECESSARY)

  • The kitchen needs to be brought up to code and updated in order to serve our church and our community (IN PLANNING STAGES)

  • Technology assistance is needed to help us utilize various media as an important outreach vehicle to meet the spiritual needs of both the churched and unchurched (ONGOING)


Challenge Requirement

Projected Costs

We are pleased to report our UPON THIS ROCK Campaign campaign has surpassed our challenge goal of $1,073,918 in contributions and pledges to be collected over a five-year period. (PLEDGES ARE ON TRACK)  Thank you for your generosity. 

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Our Challenge Requires You

How You Can Get Involved

We call upon each of you to work with us and to continue to give generously, keep your pledge payments up to date so that St. Johns United Church of Christ may continue in worship and mission, doing God's will through our ministries for each other and the wider community. 

For more information please contact our Campaign Coordinator Brain Geissbuhler at (608) 214-1290 or

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Total in pledges and contributions as of June, 2021

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